Goals, resolutions, discounted gym memberships, OH MY!

I love new year’s just like I like new months, new weeks, and round numbers. Feels like a freshly vacuumed carpet or a sink that has no dirty dishes. A clean slate with all the possibilities!

I don’t care how cliche it is to set goals for the New Year, I think everybody should do it. It gives you something to work toward and that makes for a happier person, especially if you knock some goals out.

I made my own personal goals for 2020 already and I won’t share them all (you’re welcome) but I’ll share a few with you guys. Hopefully it will help me be more accountable since it’ll be all out on the interwebs and not on a piece of paper in my drawer. 

Feel free to call me out on any of these during the year…

  • Spend time every night giving my son undivided attention and play with him – I think about when he’s not going to want to spend extra time with me or snuggle anymore so I need to create as many memories and get as much of it in while I still can. Work can wait. ❤
  • Post content daily – this is a tough one for me but something I need to do more of.
  • Stick to keto longer than 2 weeks – need I say more?
  • Exercise at least 3x’s a week – I know, sooo cliché. Ugh.
  • Go on 1 new hike a month – Hiking and being out in nature is something I think about ALL the time, but I never get my butt out there. Once a month is totally doable for me!

I don't go out drinking on New Years Eve with those crazy crowds anymore, but I’m gonna take a shot of Costco vodka, chase it with whatever I can find, play with sparklers and take pictures with my son as our own mini ceremony and we’re gonna yell for the new year to BRING IT ON!

Then I’m gonna fall asleep before midnight. #momlife 

boy smiling with sparkler on new years
boy playing running with sparkler on new years
boy touching sparkler sparks on new years eve

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.

Helen Keller