What Childhood Milestones Should You Hire A Photographer For?

Every stage of a child's development marks an important milestone in their life. Such moments are so fleeting, and with time, they become a fading memory unless they are captured. That child who kept you up all night while you sang lullabies would soon be turning five years or singing their first solo in their preschool recital.

Every milestone is cheered with triumphs, notwithstanding the challenges. How would you want to remember these milestones? You want to cherish all these moments forever by having them captured through photography.

Photography is about capturing these memories to share with friends and family. Also, years down the line, the memories captured feel like just yesterday. Pictures offer a window to view what happened in the past by capturing people's emotions and moods and marks the child's journey.

There are key moments in your child's development that you might want to consider hiring a photographer.

Maternity Portraits 

It is a one-time event that requires a professional with no room to wing it. It requires someone with experience and understands the condition of the mother. Which angles will work well for the parents, the lighting needed, and the props for the shoot. It is the beginning of a beautiful journey of this life that is yet to meet the world. There are no second chances to redo the event. From experience, your photographer has learned the art of thinking outside the box and preparing to make the event comfortable for the mother simply because the pictures are mostly taken at the beginning of the third trimester. Thus taking great pictures within the shortest time possible. The memory will offer the child some insight into their parents before they were born which is a part of the child's history. 

Birthing Process 

Childbirth photography captures the raw and intense miracle of life. The beautiful images give an emotional composition that the parents experience as a baby is born. The difference with these pictures is you cannot witness the memory again. It is such a profound milestone to witness the miracle of life. The parents have been eagerly waiting for nine months to welcome the little bundle of joy into the world. Having a professional photographer will offer the parents a chance to reminisce about the child's development. Friends and family who are not in the room can get a chance to have a small peek at the miracle of birth. 

The First Birthday 

It is such an important milestone for your child as well as you as the parents. It represents a journey with a myriad of challenges as the child learns to live with the new parents. It is the best time to hire a professional photographer. It would be best if you had this important milestone captured without the worry of "what ifs" the pictures are not good because aunty May is taking with her tablet, or everyone is taking a moment or two with their phones and tablets.  

Having professional help ensures you have peace of mind that everything is being captured. The pictures taken will make you look beautiful as you get to enjoy the day. Once you call it a day, you can go through the pictures and recreate the event mentally from the images that will tell you another story of the various angles you were not a part of. For example, the kids were running and laughing outside, the adults catching up on family fun stories. 


Children do grow so fast. There's an invitation that your child will be in a recital in preschool. By now, you have a family photographer that you trust because you have worked previously with them or had one recommended, and they come with star reviews. It feels unbelievable that the cute little bundle is now standing in front of an audience and singing their little heart out. Your photographer has the mastery of capturing your event. They understand the various elements of lighting in the room and the equipment they will need to get the best images.  

Photography is an art of skills and experience. Your photographer already has calculated which angels they will use and is prepared to capture yet again this important milestone. As the parent, you get to enjoy and watch your child shine without fumbling around for your phone and distracting the audience. 

Preschool Graduation 

On this day, which you have waited for comes with excitement for both the child and the parents in equal measure. It is an emotional day for the parents who are there to support the child's early achievement. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. A photographer will capture the child's celebration throughout their day to have a memory of how hard they worked. As for the parents, it will be a moment to show the child how far they have come and have achieved. Additionally, the parents can also be proud of the child they have raised, and the pictures will be a constant reminder for years to come. 

Birthday parties 

As your child marks yet another year of their birthday, the good memories override the challenges the parents have gone through. Capturing your child's growth on every birthday is a great reminder to the parents of an amazing job they are doing raising a child. Your family photographer has proven to be an invaluable asset to your family. Ready to capture professional images that hold dear memories passed on from one generation to the next. 

Seniors Photos 

The Senior Year of High School brings another Milestone. Many things will change for your child. For starters, they legally become adults, and the celebration is captured to depict your child's achievement in life. For the child, it is time to say goodbye to my friend and probably the last days of being home with Mum and Dad before going to college. A professional photographer customizes images of the day that the parents can share with friends, families, co-workers, and the world to celebrate their journey. Such a momentous occasion deserves great pictures.  

College graduation 

College is a time where the future of your child is shaped. Graduation is another time to capture images that show your child's hard work and growth as an adult ready to take on the world. All the years of hard work will come down to this moment. Parents who have worked hard to mold their child and prove to family and friends how amazing their child has turned out. For the child, it is a time to step out and find out what the future holds. A professional photographer will freeze the moment and years to come, and the photos will be a constant reminder of a great journey of love the parents have walked with their child. 

Pictures recreate a story for you. During your event, it is not possible to be everywhere with everyone at the same time. You are bound to miss details here and there. Your photographer offers you insight into the event as a whole. They capture your guests, and you can see who was able to attend your event. It gives you a feel of the mood of the ceremony and everybody's emotions. At the end of the day, you can look back and pat yourself on the back. Admittedly it was a good day where everyone enjoyed themselves. Remember, a photographer does not just give you images but offers you a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Get a professional to tell your story and capture your family joyous moments through pictures.