Gold Creek Pond

the ultimate pnw location for a photoshoot with shutterbabe snapshots

Located near Snoqualmie Pass about 35 minutes north of North Bend Washington, Gold Creek Pond is a true treasure. Featuring a large, gorgeous pond, mountains, an easy walking trail, bridges, and fields with yellow and purple wildflowers in the summer.

Gold Creek Pond has a variety of location options to shoot with, and you really cant go wrong with any of them. Each location here is beautiful and has something unique and rustic to showcase. Gold Creek Pond is also an awesome location for snow shoots during the winter months!

It does get very busy in the summer and is generally a very popular little spot during most of the year but having your session in the golden hour time frame of early evening will mitigate a lot of that. During that time we'll mostly just be fighting off other photographers for nifty spots, but don't worry, my kung fu is strong. I promise that no matter what we'll still be able to find plenty of beautiful areas to shoot even if there happen to be a lot of people around. There is also the option of a sunrise session to mitigate people issues. The sun rises behind the mountains and pond making for a magical photoshoot experience, if you're willing to get be there at like 6:30am. And, hey, I'm down if you are! I'll bring the Starbucks.

Gold Creek Pond client photos