Reluctant Socializer Enthusiastic Laugher

Devoted Mother

Unappreciated Gamer

Spirited Lover Of Life

Me in my living room

I may not be the hardcore adventure type of PNW elopement photographer this area is saturated with, but I'll hike my butt up a mountain for YOU babe!

I Don't Ever Want You To:

  • feel like you haven't been taken care of
  • feel like you're lost or unsure what to do
  • feel like your precious memories aren't in safe hands
  • feel like your photographic memories don't show the real you


When I'm your Photographer, I'll Kung Fu your worries away and do everything I can to make sure you're comfortable, having fun, and as stress free as possible.

A Little About Me...

  • I've never learned another language or swam in a warm ocean.

  • I haven’t gone bungee jumping or hiked all over the PNW.

  • I haven’t traveled much, been out of the country, or seen exotic places.

  • I sometimes let my son eat cereal for dinner and I have a chair in my room that has a constant pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded on it.


  • I've slept under a blanket of stars in the mountains with nothing but a sleeping bag and I’ve jumped out of an airplane

  • I’ve rode in a hot air balloon and I've cried true tears of joy

  • I've gone surfing, rock climbing, and I’ve flown a plane

  • I’ve lived on top ramen and in my car during some college days

  • And I have the honor of being called Mother

  • Injustice and hate in the world gets my blood boiling, the thought of a cup of hot coffee gets me excited every morning, and any mention of tacos for dinner makes me thrilled

Authenticity is at the Heart of What I Do

When I was 16 I was going through the lowest point of my life. I didn't have my family and I didn't have my friends; I was thrown into adulthood, fumbling my way through the dark trying to make sense of a world I had NO idea about.

One morning I was walking to work and I saw a magazine sitting in a box next to a neighborhood recycling bin. It was a copy of "The Sun" magazine - filled with beautifully written short stories, poems, and almost every page was plastered with artsy fartsy black & white photography.

I picked it up and was flipping through it when I came upon a photograph that changed my world.

It Was a Picture of Two Friends Laughing.

Not the kind of laugh you see when someone tells you a good dad joke or when you saw that "orange mocha frappuccino!!" part (do I even need to say the name of the movie?? "what is this, a center for ants!?" 😂).

It was a genuine, heartfelt laugh that came straight from the belly, up past the heart, and through the face in a way that you couldn't even control if you tried.

And it made me smile.

That's when the power of photography hit me. I could feel their joy. And at such a dark time in my life, I really needed that. I cut that picture out and stuck it on my wall to remember - true joy is always out there in even the little moments.

Now I want others to feel the same kind of genuine emotion from their own personal photographs - the joy, the love, the authenticity of the moment.

I love freezing a moment in time and helping you document your feelings, your loved ones, and your memories, so that maybe you can look back at them during any low point in your own life and smile again.

I like making the web a better place with stories of genuine love. Hopefully you’ll touch base with me and we can make it a better place together. And maybe get tacos.