Reluctant Socializer Enthusiastic Laugher

Devoted Mother

Unappreciated Gamer

Spirited Lover Of Life

Me in my living room

I may not be the hardcore adventure type of PNW elopement photographer this area is saturated with, but I'll hike my butt up a mountain for YOU babe!

I Don't Ever Want You To:

  • feel like you haven't been taken care of
  • feel like you're lost or unsure what to do
  • feel like your precious memories aren't in safe hands
  • feel like your photographic memories don't show the real you


When I'm your Photographer, I'll Kung Fu your worries away and do everything I can to make sure you're comfortable, having fun, and as stress free as possible.

A Little About Me...

  • I've never learned another language or swam in a warm ocean.

  • I haven’t gone bungee jumping or hiked all over the PNW.

  • I haven’t traveled much, been out of the country, or seen exotic places.

  • I sometimes let my son eat cereal for dinner and I have a chair in my room that has a constant pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded on it.


  • I've slept under a blanket of stars in the mountains with nothing but a sleeping bag and I’ve jumped out of an airplane

  • I’ve rode in a hot air balloon and I've cried true tears of joy

  • I've gone surfing, rock climbing, and I’ve flown a plane

  • I’ve lived on top ramen and in my car during some college days

  • And I have the honor of being called Mother

  • Injustice and hate in the world gets my blood boiling, the thought of a cup of hot coffee gets me excited every morning, and any mention of tacos for dinner makes me thrilled

Authenticity is at the Heart of What I Do