First Look: The Wedding Photos You Won't Want to Miss 

First look wedding photos may not be the latest trend in wedding photography, but it remains something that many couples opt to get done. It does take some time and coordinating to get done, so many people wonder whether it’s worth it to make it a key shot to capture or not.

I personally believe that having the ‘first look’ captured is one of the best decisions a bride and groom can make on their wedding day.

Why? There are so many reasons for that!  

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. (First looks between the bride and her bridesmaids is also super special.) It’s quite an intimate moment, which is why it needs to be captured properly. Let’s discuss some major reasons to not skip out on getting your first look pictures with 3 reasons why you should get your first look taken at your wedding: 

3 reasons to get first look photos taken at your wedding

To Capture an Emotional Moment On Camera 

 The first time you see your partner on your wedding day is quite special. It’s filled with lots of emotions and when you're alone, you’ll be able to express them more openly. All photographers tell the bride and groom to be casual during the session and not focus on the camera.  

You Can Relive Those Moments Later On  

Not only is it important to have the ‘first look’ session with your partner before the wedding, but it is equally important to have someone capture it. A photographer will capture that special moment for you, allowing you a chance to relive that moment and the feelings it brought again and again in the future.  

It Gives You and Your Partner a Few Moments Together 

Your wedding day is a day filled with emotions and can be quick and chaotic. Having a ‘first look’ session gives you a chance to spend a few moments alone with your partner, without having a room full of people stare at you.  

I hope I convinced you to have your first look captured! It’s such a special, sweet moment that you and your partner share on your wedding day, so getting it photographed will result for some really memorable wedding photos.