This girl gets out of her car and the first thing she says isI’m so embarrassed!” It’s not everyday we throw on fluffy pink tutus and sit in the middle of a park to take pictures, after all.

But can you deny the fact that SHE LOOKS ROCKIN' in that celebratory tutu!?

I absolutely LOVE when a person will push past their comfort zone and do something they don’t normally do to get something they love or experience something new. All the love and power to you, sister!

Look, I totally understand how uncomfortable it is to be the one in front of the camera. You feel awkward, unsure, fat, insecure, and what the hell do you do with your hands, right?! I get it.

And I got you.

pink tutu and champagne adult cake smash dahlia park bridge
adult cake smash 40 years
woman holding a 4 and 0 balloon on dahlia park bridge

I want you to know that you are beautiful. I want you to know you are strong. And I want you to know that you are doing something AMAZING for your family. Pictures are a legacy and you are giving your family tangible memories that they will always treasure.

So next time you have a photoshoot, whether with me or any one else, I want you to remember that your family will not see your tummy rolls, your arm fat that flaps when you wave, your double chin, or whatever it is that only YOU are insecure about.

They will see their beautiful, strong, loving mother and wife. They will see love. It’s so important to push past our own discomforts to get these for our children, because one day that may be all they have. These are legacy’s.

TRUST ME to do what I do and give you beautiful memories that you’ll love and maybe help see yourself in a light you may not normally notice. I will help you every step of the way to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and feel amazing – with wardrobe, advice, AND with what to do at your shoot. (If you’re wondering what a session with me is like you can read about it here!) No more wondering what to do with yours hands! My sessions flow with a focus of just loving your family, so it comes easier and natural.

I got you girl.

This gorgeous woman pushed past her initial embarrassment to get fun and beautiful pictures to commemorate an important moment in her life. Do you think her daughter is going to treasure these photos of her mom laughing, having fun and rocking her 40th like a queen? Do you think it’s going to inspire her daughter to be as strong and fun loving as her mother with a ‘bring it on attitude’ when she turns 40 herself?

You bet your ass it will.

And THAT is what’s important. 💕

woman holding champagne walking down dahlia park bridge