NOT. No surprises here, sorry. I’m layin’ it all out for ya so you know exactly what to expect when booking an outdoor family session with me. From initial inquiry to the delivery of your images, I make sure the process is seamless and easy.

  • After we've made contact and have figured out the package that works best for you, you’ll receive the proposal straight to your inbox with your package details, a questionnaire, contract and invoice. All in one convenient spot. I like to do a questionnaire for every client – this helps me get a feel for who you are and what exactly you’re looking for so we make sure to get the important things and so I can tailor the photoshoot specifically to you! This is one of the most important parts to assuring your shoot and images go the way you want it to. 

  • After being officially booked, you’ll receive my welcome guide full of helpful information about your shoot! I also send you links to a couple of my blog posts that have more detailed information on what to wear and how to prepare for your family session, so you’ll feel fully ready and prepared. And OF COURSE I make sure I’m available to you at any point in time if you ever have additional questions, concerns, want to send me pictures of your cat, or to send me pictures of what you’re thinking of wearing and want guidance! Call, text, email, smoke signal me anytime. I’m here for you, boo.

  • I make sure to touch base with you a day or two before the shoot and maybe the day of depending on the time of our shoot – you will never be left in the dark and I’ll never ghost you!

  • On the day of the shoot I will most likely already be on location 15-30 minutes before our scheduled appointment time, so I’ll be there when you get there! I like to show up early to all of my shoots so I can scout the area out (even though I will have already checked it out way before the day of our shoot) and map out shots for your family and the perfect areas to get your pictures taken.

  • Ahhh! Now you're here! Trust me, I’m incredibly excited and you’ll probably be able to tell. I love this shit. I make a custom prompt and shot reference sheet for myself for each and every single one of my photo shoots, because each and every family is unique! We will get as much done within the package you purchased as possible so you’ll have plenty of variety to choose from.
mom and daughter hugging at dahlia park

Something important to note that makes me different then some other photographers, is that I use prompts with my clients instead of just strictly posing. We will still get what I call “over the mantle” pictures of everyone looking at the camera together, but I do a mix of prompts and posing with my family sessions. The prompts I use are meant to:

  • Have your family connect with each other instead of just my camera
  • Bring out natural love, emotions, and expressions
  • Make you all more comfortable since you'll be interacting with family and not just me

You’ll never have to worry about what to do with your hands and you’ll be connecting with your family. I use a variety of prompts to make you guys laugh, love, and feel.

A few examples of the kind of prompts I use are:

  • I ask each subject to think of something they love about the other, then have them take turns sharing it out loud to each other or whisper it in each others ear. This ones great for capturing special relationships within the family (for example dad and daughter) and I'm always able to get beautiful emotions with this one!
  • I invite my muses to pretend they are superheroes in a slow motion wrestling match (or a slow motion dance off!) and encourage them to be as dramatic as possible and include sound effects. This one produces lots of laughs and silliness and helps younger ones get more comfortable and have fun!
  • I ask one child to tell one parent about their favorite day they ever spent with them, then I swap roles and repeat. This one is great for capturing real and thoughtful expressions and connection.
  • I point to random family members and instruct that when I do, everyone else must look at them and call out, at the same time, a word to describe that person! This one results in laughs and genuine smiles and honest connection with the family.

Those are just a few of over a hundred different prompts I have that I tailor for each family and their own comfort level. I may use the ones I just listed on your family or I may not, but rest assured that no matter what, you will be pleasantly surprised at the kind of connection I’m able to capture and convey with your photos. It may seem cheesy or weird at the time, but the result will look BEAUTIFUL and AUTHENTIC on photo. Trust me and just go with it. We also get regular posed family photos as well, so there's a great variety for you to choose from!

I use a fair amount of play in my sessions with young kids which is especially important for the kiddos and helps them have a good time and not feel pressured to sit and look pretty for the camera, which is hard for any kid – whether they’re 2 or 42. In incorporating play, I’m able to capture genuine happiness, smiles, and expressions in a more relaxed way.

If you’re not ok with play and prompts with your family, I’m probably not the photographer for you. I’m happy to refer you to other photographers in our area that may be a better fit though, so no worries! I still got you. 😉 Feel free to message me and ask for referrals!

mom and daughter laughing
  • After our session is over, we say our goodbyes. Now all you have to do is wait (maybe not so patiently lol) for your gallery to be delivered, which I tell my clients will be about 2 weeks. But this is far from the end for me! This is where the magic happens and where I spend the majority of my time – the editing.

  • I like to post a sneak peak of your session on my Facebook business page within 48 hours of your shoot and you’ll even get a chance to earn a FREE 8x10 or 11x14 print, so keep an eye out! Make sure to ‘Like’ my page Shutterbabe snapshots so you don’t miss it. 

  • When you’re gallery is ready, I send an email with your private online gallery link and password so you have easy access. From there you can see all your images and choose your favorites! You can also make multiple favorites lists if you want to keep them in a grouping order, or if you want grandma and grandpa to have a list to choose their favorites too! Just send them the link and password and they can make their own list with their email address.

For your convenience, your gallery is already partnered with a professional printing lab, so you can easily click and choose which image you want printed in a variety of sizes, including canvas and metal print options, and straight to your cart for purchase where they ship directly to your door within two business days. Easy peasy!

Don’t worry, you aren’t obligated to purchase from the professional printing lab I use – all my sessions come with a print release so you can take them anywhere! However, I do need to say that if you get them printed at common labs such as Costco or Walgreens, the quality will be inferior and the colors will not be true because of the professional equipment and editing software I use (this is the case for any photoshoot with a real professional photographer). Just a heads up! But no matter where you get you're prints done, I ask just one thing - please print them. In the digital age we live in it's important to actually print out our family legacies and see the family love on the walls of our homes, not just on our phones or on an old Facebook post. 💕

And Finito!

I hope this gives you a clear picture from start to finish of what to expect with an outdoor family session with me. If you’re ready to book, I’m so ready to meet you! Click here to send me a message and I promise to get back to you asap with my availability. Talk to you soon!