The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and it's time for those fresh spring family photos! I absolutely love seeing all those white and pink blossoms springing up between our luscious green trees. I know that we live in the PNW and we'll be having some wintery rainy days sprinkled in with the sun, but I don't care! I'm ready for warm weather, sun dresses, and seeing all my beautiful clients after the long winter.

And you'll probably hear me sometime in August or September saying how much I cant wait for fall.

But this is now! And I have some inspiration and tips for you in case you're wondering what to wear to your next spring photoshoot below:

Dark Blues

Darker blues not only photograph well and can help you look slimmer, but they're also a lovely color to represent spring if your family isn't into bright colors. Sophisticated and classy, you just can't go wrong with Blue.

Light blues & greys

Give me those baby blues! This color scheme gives beautifully classic looking photos with those complimentary white spring blossoms.

classic yellows

Bright, cheerful, and perfect for Easter and Spring. Yellow is the color of happiness and a hit with any Easter shoot.

neutral pinks

Pink is another classic color that represents Easter and Spring! I'm not a fan of pinks that are too bright or fluorescent (and they don't photograph very well either), but soft and dusty rose type pink is a divine color for spring that goes with practically any skin tone and looks fabulous in photos!

Spring means green grass and flowers, so bringing a floral arrangement or picking a location based on where the flowers are blooming is perfect to show off a Spring photoshoot! If you don't have a location in mind already, no worries - I have some beautiful locations to suggest!

Make sure your outfits compliment the setting, but don't get too matchy matchy. Coordinating colors is the best way to go. If you're having trouble trying to decide on which color outfits to go with, take a look around your home - what kind of colors and styles does your home represent where the pictures will be featured?

In addition the lush green grass and flowers that Spring represents, bubbles can also be a fun and beautiful way to add an element of Spring whimsy to your photos! Not to mention a great distraction for the kiddos. Bubbles always lead to sweet, playfully candid shots.

We all know about Spring showers, especially in the PNW, but Spring rain can also bring a lovely and romantic element to your photoshoot. Colorful or clear umbrellas and maybe some fun rain boots can produce beauty and whimsy to your Spring shoot.