Meadowbrook Farm Field


Mt. Si field

A beautiful photography session experience at meadowbrook farm with shutterbabe snapshots

Located in North Bend Washington, Meadowbrook Farm is a gorgeous spot for a photoshoot. There are two large field areas with long grass in the summer and beautiful little flowers and dandelions in the spring and a little path in between the two fields that photograph beautifully as well.

On the other side of Meadowbrook Farm is another huge field that has a gorgeous view of Mt. Si in the background. However, this area is closed off during the winter months.

So there are two areas of Meadowbrook Farm to choose from:

-The two large fielded areas with the pathway in between them

-The large field with Mt. Si in the background (not shown in video, photo examples below)

If choosing Meadowbrook Farm for your location, you will need to decide which area you would like to do your photoshoot at.

Please note that these are fields that Elk like to graze at sometimes. If there are Elk in a particular area, the field is large enough to most likely still do the photoshoot away from the Elk. If for some reason this is not possible, then we would move to the other side not occupied by Elk and continue the photoshoot there.

All areas of Meadowbrook Farm are fairly private which makes it a great location option for those who prefer not to have too many people around when being photographed.

(High heeled shoes are not advised for this location.)

Meadowbrook farm client photos

Mt. Si field

mt. si field client photos

(sunrise session)