Confluence Park

a popular shutterbabe snapshots locaton for a photoshoot

Located in Issaquah Washington, Confluence Park is a hot spot for photoshoots. It's a large park that is off of Front Street in Downtown Issaquah. This park features many beautiful photo spots such as the bridge, a patch of birch trees, a willow tree, private areas of grass, and even access to a river.

This park is a popular spot for photos during any time of the year because of it's beautiful versatility. It's also a popular location for Fall sessions as it does have a lot of changing colors and leaves during that time of year.

It should be noted that this park is also on the more busier side, as it's a popular spot for walking, playing, picnicking, watching the salmon in the river, as well as a popular spot for other photographers during busy photo seasons. But the fact that there are so many areas to take photos within this park makes it pretty easy to navigate around others - we just may have to wait a bit and do a bit of stop and go when taking photos on the bridge as people pass by.

Confluence park client photos